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Founded in Germany in 1959, mono—now combined with legendary tableware manufacturer Pott—was conceptualized by German Professor Peter Raacke to usher in a new era in tableware, one where everyday items also reflected innovative design. Unconventional at the time, today mono is the best-selling designer flatware in Germany and has received numerous international awards and been immortalized in museum collections.Both Mono and Pott celebrate simple forms, and a minimalist aesthetic dominates their cutlery and tabletop designs. Their central principle is that everyday objects are a significant part of life; mono continues to improve even their tried-and-tested concepts, and with the help of the modernity of Pott, new tabletop offerings are continually introduced. Because of this commitment to quality and innovation, even the earliest mono flatware designs remain fresh today.Another way Mono remains fresh is through its acquired company Pott, another pioneer in modern table culture. Founded in Germany by Carl Pott the flatware contains exceptional beauty, simple luxury and enduring value in sterling silver and stainless steel.