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An uncompromising approach to tableware inspired the founding of the Orfèvrerie Puiforcat in the Marais neighborhood of Paris in 1820, and Emily, Louis-Victor and Jean Puiforcat’s quest for perfection remains the guiding force behind the company’s endeavors.Every piece in Puiforcat’s vast collection of cutlery, dinnerware and accessories is executed exquisitely by dedicated craftsmen. A classic, simple style is Puiforcat’s signature, and it anchors each piece. The result is a timeless elegance, allowing Jean Puiforcat’s original Art Deco designs and many other even older designs from the Puiforcat archive to retain a contemporary appeal. Thanks to their dedication to meticulous technique, preserving the craft of smithery and advancing the art of design, Puiforcat’s silver plated, sterling silver and stainless steel flatware is revered throughout France and the world.